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Kesha helps gay couple with amazing blindfold proposal at Disney World

By Samuel McManus

Kesha helped a fan propose to his boyfriend on stage during her performance at Disney World Orlando’s One Magical Weekend festival this weekend (June 4).

The singer was performing at Hollywood Studios as part of the theme park’s annual Gay Days celebration when she invited couple Joseph and Naveed to j0in her on stage.

Competition winners Joseph and Naveed were blindfolded to play a game, before Joseph removed his blindfold and got down on one knee to propose to his boyfriend.

Joseph has spoken to Billboard about the proposal, and revealed that he contacted Kesha via her Instagram page to ask for her help.

“I had been wanting to propose for a while, just was not sure how to do it, so I just decided to message her on Instagram and never thinking in a million years she’d ever get back to me, and then she did!,” he began. “She put me in touch with her manager, and tried to hammer out the details from there.”

He added: ‘Everything was so surreal. They call it One Magical Weekend — there was nothing else that could have described what happened. It was just absolutely magical.’

As well as helping her gay fans propose, she also helps them get married. Kesha was ordained as a minister in 2012 to officiate the wedding of two lesbian friends, while last year, she officiated her second same-sex wedding between her make-up artist Vito Masecchia and his husband, Felipe Noqueira.

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