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Katy Perry is “ruled by Satan”, according to former politician

By Ross Semple

Katy Perry has the devil inside her, if we are to believe former Republican lawmaker and religious commentator Gordon Klingenschmitt.

In a recent episode of his online Christian talk show Pray In Jesus Name, Gordon (who calls himself Dr. Chaps) chastised Katy for her recent comments about growing up in a strict Christian household where homosexuality was “synonymous with the word abomination”.

In a speech last month at the Human Rights Campaign gala, Perry recounted her experiences going to Christian camps that advocated for ‘praying the gay away’: “Most of my unconscious adolescence, I prayed the gay away at my Jesus camps. But then in the middle of it all, in a twist of events, I found my gift and my gift introduced me to people outside of my bubble. My bubble started to burst,” Perry added.

Katty added that the LGBT+ people she met on her rise to fame “were the most free, strong, kind and inclusive people I have ever met. They stimulated my mind and they filled my heart with joy and they freaking danced all the while doing it.

“These people are actually magic, and they are magic because they are living their truth.”

Dr. Chaps did not take too kindly to Katy’s speech, and accused her of just not praying hard enough. In a message for Katy, he said: “If you had been sincere in your prayers at the Jesus camps, you would have prayed against sin and the devil.

“You would have repented of your sin and invited Jesus to rule your heart. But apparently that’s not what you prayed.”

He finished by telling Katy that the devil has somehow made its way inside of her, with a warning that she needs to remove it as fast as she can: “Katy Perry, you don’t just need more of your Jesus camps, more of the Bible, more of what your parents told you; you need to get the devil out of you.”

Dr. Chaps is no stranger to controversy. In a 2015 episode of his show he warned parents that allowing openly gay Scout leaders would lead to “child abuse”.

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