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Justin Trudeau rips open shirt to reveal his ‘Super’ Halloween costume

By Ross Semple

Justin Trudeau dressed as the iconic Clark Kent for Halloween, and even wore the costume to work.

The Canadian Prime Minister was snapped at the House of Commons on Tuesday (October 31) and everything seemed normal, until he ripped his shirt open.

When Trudeau reached the bottom of the stars, he pulled his shirt open to reveal his Superman costume underneath.

The shocking reveal was a hit on the internet as many were left swooning over his faithful portrayal of the DC comic book character.

Twitter users

The politician was later spotted wearing the costume while trick-or-treating with his wife and three children in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

His wife Sophia and daughter Ella-Grace both dressed up as Wonder Woman while their 10-year-old Xavier looked terrifying as a werewolf. Meanwhile, three-year-old Hadrien stole the show as Skye, a female cockapoo from the cartoon show PAW Patrol. 

When speaking to reporters, Trudeau joked: “I’m a journalist this year, you guys should love that.”

Trudeau then took to Twitter, wishing followers a “Super” Halloween.

Over the years Trudeau has dressed up as Star Wars’ Han Solo and the pilot from Le Petit Prince, but we think this year’s outfit tops the rest.

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