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Jinkx Monsoon responds to body-shaming online trolls: ‘My body is not for you to comment on’

The All Stars 7 queen says she has been "affected by things".

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Alec White

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7’s Jinkx Monsoon has responded to the online trolls shaming her over her body by saying, “My body is not for you to comment on.”

The winner of season 5 of Drag Race has returned to the werkroom for All Stars 7, the first-ever all-winners series. 

In an interview with Popbuzz, the queen says she doesn’t have to fit into a certain image.

“I have been affected by things”

On her experience with fans online Jinks says she’s been “fairly blessed”. 

“I don’t want to sit here and act like I’ve had a rough go because I’ve felt a lot of love throughout the years and I think the loyalty of my fanbase is why I’m still working almost 10 years later after filming season 5 of Drag Race,” Monsoon says. “So I’m not going to sit her and say it’s been horrible”. 

Continuing she adds, “But for a very sensitive, highly-anxious Virgo with OCD, I have been affected by things,” one of those being her weight.

“My weight has nothing to do with the things that I’m good at. I’m a singer and an actor and a comedian. Nowhere in the job description of being a singer, actor, comedian does it say you have to be thin.”

“But for some reason, people really love commenting on the way my body has changed over the last decade and I just don’t think that even needs to be part of the discussion,” she goes on to say.

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She recognises she chose to be an actor, which puts her in the spotlight, but that she didn’t choose to have online trolls comment on her body.

“My body is not for you to comment on,” she says directly to her trolls. 

Jinkx also touches on the positive interactions she has with fans at meet and greets and in-person events where she’s often thanked for providing representation to people.

“So the online stuff, yeah it’s made me crazy over the years. But that’s what therapy and witchcraft is for. It’s the in-person stuff that actually matters and that’s what I focus on,” she concludes.

Last week, on the season premiere of All Stars 7, Jinkx wowed with an almost faultless impersonation of the gay icon, Judy Garland in the Snatch Game and taking the top spot for the week. 

Watch the whole of the iconic Snatch Game below:

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