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Jessica Lange slams Kellyanne Conway: ‘She’s a joke!’

By Fabio Crispim

It seems living legend Jessica Lange has been having a Feud of her own with Kellyanne Conway… in her head.

The star recently slammed the Donald Trump adviser during a recent interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

When asked if she was embroiled in anything now, the Academy Award-winning actress said, “I feud in my head with people. Like, now I’m carrying a feud with Kellyanne Conway, in my head.”

The former American Horror Story star then said that if an agent called and proposed Conway as a character in a movie, no one would take her seriously.

“Your agent calls you, ‘You’ve been offered this part. One of the most important women in the government right now. She’s a counsel to the president. She’s a spokesperson.’ And then… you read it, and you think: ‘They’ve got to be kidding!'”

“Here, you’ve got a scene where you talk about alternative facts. You’ve got a scene where you, imagine that the microwave is turning into a camera,” she adds.

“I mean, you go into the inauguration dressed as a nutcracker? It’s like, you can just see that conversation. Are you kidding me, nobody’s going to take this character seriously, she’s a joke!”

Colbert responded by saying: “Jessica, nobody does.”

Jessica Lange currently stars in Ryan Murphy’s Feud alongside Susan Sarandon, you can catch the show on FX.

You can watch the moment below:

H/t: NewNowNext

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