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ITV weatherman cracks up on air after presenter tells him he’d make a ‘good bottom’ – WATCH

ITV News Tyne Tees' Ross Hutchinson shared the hilarious throwback clip on Twitter on Monday (10 February).

By Will Stroude

As our own LGBTQ Slang Challenge series continues to demonstrate, there are a lot of seemingly innocuous phrases that mean something rather different in LGBTQ circles.

Of course, this can often make for some unintentionally hilarious miscommunication, as ITV weatherman Ross Hutchinson discovered when a co-presenter made a passing about him being a “good bottom” live on air.

Hutchinson, who presents the weather for ITV News Tyne Tees and ITV News Border, shared a throwback clip of the incident from 2016 on Twitter on Monday (10 February), joking that it still “haunts” him to this day.

The clip shows Hutchinson sat next to his ITV presenters as a news segment about Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream – a play which famously includes a character named Bottom – comes to an end.

The female presenter then turns to Hutchinson and says offhandedly, “You’d make a good Bottom, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah” Hutchinson splutters, before bursting into a fit of inapporpriate laughter as his bemused colleagues look on, before eventually cottoning on themselves.

Ever the professional, Hutchinson tries to keep it together as he quickly adds: “Weather time now!” 

Check out the hilarious clip below or by clicking here.