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Is Finding Dory about to introduce us to Pixar’s first ever lesbian couple?

By Samuel McManus

It seems that not a day goes past without theories about gay characters hitting the internet at the moment after campaigns to give Captain American and Frozen‘s Elsa same-sex partners broke out earlier this week, and if like us – and many other Pixar fans – you’ve watched the UK trailer for Finding Dory more times then you can count over the past twenty fours then you might have noticed what seems to be Pixar’s first lesbian couple.

Fans have noticed what seems to be the animation company’s first ever lesbian couple after GLAAD criticised Disney for not featuring one gay characters in any of the eleven feature films they released in 2015.

One Twitter user shared screen grabs of what seems to be Disney Pixar’s first lesbian couple, and the Twittersphere seems to agree with his theory.

A lesbian couple, friends, or simply strangers visiting an aquarium? What do you make of the speculation?

Finding Dory swims into UK cinemas on July 29.

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