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Hunky Younger’s star Nico Tortorella comes out as sexually fluid

By Fabio Crispim

27-year-old Nico Tortorella came out as sexually fluid yesterday (June 23).

According to Gay Star News, Nico Tortorella, who currently stars in TV Land’s Younger, was interviewed by Page Six and he said he was “never in any sort of closet” in fact, he “was never in the house.”

He explains how he’s never hidden his attraction to both females and males.

He said, “I think it’s one thing to hide and it’s one thing to come out of the closet in a public statement. But I’ve always done me and never been shy and have been vocal about it.”


Tortorella, who is currently in a relationship with a woman, then added: “I like to think that I’m label-less of sorts. I fit into a bunch of different boxes but I don’t check off all the things for different boxes.”

“I don’t see the world as gender binary, right? Man. Woman, there’s like a whole spectrum of people who fit into all of it and I’ve dated a lot of them. And it’s not about sex for me. It’s about being totally, emotionally connected to somebody.”

Since the news broke out, Tortorella made an Instagram post highlighting his dislike of labels.

In the post Tortorella said, “Call me whatever you want, just call me”.

call me whatever you want, just call me. #niconiconico

A photo posted by nicotortorella (@nicotortorella) on

And we’ll just leave this here for you…


Nico, we’ll certainly be calling you.

Earlier this year, Dancing With The Stars champion Nyle DiMarco and pop star Miley Cyrus came out as sexually fluid.

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