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How gay is Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle?

She’s part Northern Irish and part West Coast, but is Nadine as gay as a Girls Aloud greatest hits sing-a-long and a bottle of gin?

By Ben Kelly

This article was first published in March 2015

Words: Ben Kelly

In honour of Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle’s 35th birthday today (15 June), we’ve delved into the Attitude archives to bring you her instalment of out famous (and now-defunct) ‘How Gay Are You?’ quiz.

You know the drill: we ask Nadine her thoughts on a range of cultural and philosophical topics of vital concern to gay men, before giving her answers marks out of five. Scores on the doors below…

How much is too much for a haircut?

Me and Jason (Bell, her partner) did a Hello! photo shoot and to get his hair cut cost £250. I would have cut it myself for nothing! That was far too much. I haven’t had my hair cut in two and a half years, so I’m not really high maintenance. I’m just letting it do its own thing.

4/5 Its own thing? The inevitable split is coming…

Which do you prefer: a) LA b) Derry or c) the sound of a high heel on a marble floor?

The sound of a high heel on a marble floor. Good sprite, shining marble floors and your high heels on them, feeling great. I would prefer that. I just moved house in LA and we have really nice marble floors.

3/5 If Nadine walks on a soft floor surface and nobody hears it, did it even happen?

Have you ever seen any Girls Aloud drag queens?

Yes. All of them, and ones that were just me. I met one at the cinema one time, this guy was like ‘Oh my God, I’m you!’ and he was great. So that was a good experience.

4/5 Rumours that Nadine is looking for good versions of the other four for a reunion are unconfirmed.  

Would you rather run out of underwear or moisturiser?

I’d rather run out of underwear! I could wash them outside – rinse them…but moisturiser? That’s enough to really throw you into a frenzy.

2/5 Outside?! What will the neighbours say…

Why do you think gay men are drawn to you?

I have so many gay friends – I have done from the start. I have collected so many over my ten years, I don’t know why. Some of my friends like to dress me up, some of them like to do my hair, pick clothes, some of them we like to cook together. Maybe some of their thoughts too: there’s not that much difference between my thought process and some of my male gay best friends.

5/5 Yeah – we both have ‘Something New’ as our alarm clock wake up song.

Have you been on Grindr and if so what did you learn?

I learned that there’s a few different version of Grindr. There’s Grindr and then there’s Grindr for the twinks, if you’re into the twinks, or if you’re into men with beards, or heavier guys. I saw it years ago in New York, some of my friends would be like ‘I’m going to go and do this – should I?’ – and then they’d go and do it and come back. So messed up!

4/5 You think that’s messed up? Drive round Vauxhall on Sundays at 6am bbz.


How many of The Saturdays can you name?

All of them. Vanessa, Una, Frankie, Rochelle and Molly.

4/5 She got them all, but loses a point for not throwing a single hint of shade.

Who is your favourite Beckham and why?

I have flown with Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, and he had the children with him on the flight, and they were so lovely so polite. Victoria was so lovely and Romeo is really cute. They seem like a really lovely family. I would fly with any one of them!

5/5 You know what they say, if you can fly First Class with someone… 

Could any other pop diva beat you in a hair tossing competition?

It’s awful, I can’t stop. Well it’s all mine. Mariah is good too. I mean, put enough weave in there and you could rival me.

4/5 IT’S ON. *googles extensions*

What should Madonna do next?

Madonna should probably try to contact me and we should try to become friends. I’m back in London and she lives in London; she spends time in the US, I live in the US. So I think we should hang out, and maybe duet or maybe just work out together, maybe go to Kabbalah classes.

4/5 Hear that M? Catch her on 1-800-NADINE, and be sure to ‘gram the results.

VERDICT: 78% Gay

Nadine would be equally at home rubbing shoulders with Posh and Madge as she would be on a wild weekend to Sitges with the boys. She’ll even tell you if you’re using the right app for your preference (we have her down for a Scruff girl tbh).