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Hollyoaks’ Kieron Richardson reveals shock new storyline

By Fabio Crispim

Kieron Richardson who plays Ste Hay has revealed his character’s latest storyline in an interview with Digital Spy, and it’s a shocker.

Ste Hay, who previously struggled with cocaine and alcohol addictions, will become hooked on crystal meth after his new enemy, Cameron Campbell, offers him the drug.

Campbell’s plan works perfectly when Ste gets addicted to the drug and viewers will watch as the storyline will span over the summer.

Speaking on the story, Richardson said, “There’s turmoil coming up for Ste because of his relationship with Harry. We’ll see Ste at his lowest ever ebb. Cameron knows that Ste has got drug addiction problems, so he starts twisting the knife and trying to ruin Ste’s life.”

Hollyoaks Cam & Ste

“Cameron can see that Ste is on the brink of having a drink when he shouldn’t because he’s got alcohol problems, or picking up a bag of cocaine. So Cameron offers Ste crystal meth.”

“In the past we’ve tackled so many different sides of Ste’s addiction, whether it be alcohol or drugs. But getting hooked on crystal meth is the lowest of the low for him – and it’s Cameron’s fault because he gets him hooked on it in the first place.”

To prepare himself for the storyline, Richardson said he’s been watching Breaking Bad to see how crystal meth addiction was portrayed.

“Three years ago when Breaking Bad was massive and everyone in the world was watching it, I was like, ‘I’m not a sheep! I’m not going to watch it!’ But then as soon as I heard about this storyline, I ended up being cocooned in my house, literally watching episode after episode of it.”

You can read Digital Spy’s full interview with Kieron Richardson here.

You can catch Hollyoaks weekdays at 6.3opm on Channel 4.

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