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Hemsworth: ‘Playing female Thor could win me an Oscar’

By Sam Rigby


Chris Hemsworth has suggested that playing the female incarnation of Thor could win him an Oscar.

The actor responded to the news that a woman will become the God(dess) of Thunder at Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego over the weekend.

Asked what he wants to do with the big screen incarnation of the character after appearing in two solo films and The Avengers, he said: “Turn him into a woman.”

He added jokingly: “I don’t want to jinx it, but I think it could be my Oscar.”

Marvel editor Wil Moss recently said of the new female Thor: “The inscription on Thor’s hammer reads, ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor’. Well it’s time to update that inscription.”

Hemsworth was nominated for the Best Shirtless Performance award at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, but lost out to Zac Efron. Check out Efron accepting his award shirtless here.

If you fancy, you can also check out Hemsworth’s bare bum in Rush here.