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Frankie Grande says No Tears Left to Cry is gay anthem

The reality TV star knew his sister's song would be a hit

By Steve Brown

Frankie Grande has dubbed Ariana’s new single a gay anthem.

Ariana dropped her latest single No Tears Left to Cry last month and marked her first track since the Manchester bombing last year and her elder brother claimed he knew the song would be a hit when he first heard it.

When asked if the single was a gay anthem, Frankie told Billboard: “It is! She’s always been so supportive of the LGBT1 community and her songs have always said that.

“In the new single, she says, ‘They point out the colours in you, I see ‘em too, and boy, I like ‘em’.

“That’s her celebrating every kind of love you can imagine. Every colour of the rainbow.

“Plus she’s got a rainbow across her face on the cover of the single. Ariana is anything but subtle.

“She and I support the community with every chance we get. When I first heard it, they didn’t have any lyrics. It was just the melody.

“They wrote the music first. The song really always had that sparkle.”