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‘Fat Blokes’ performer Joe Spencer says LGBTQ community has ‘way to go’ in representing different body types

The actor is starring in the body positivity show in Manchester from March 19 to 23

By Steve Brown

Fat Blokes actor Joe Spencer says the LGBTQ community still has a long way to go in terms of representing ‘different body types’.

The actor is currently appearing in the stage production Fat Blokesa show that examines body types and the concept of masculinity through dance and stories – and the show had a successful run during Liverpool’s annual Homotopia arts fest.

Now, as the production is set to have a short run in Manchester from March 19 to 23, Joe tells The Stage that although we are going through a ‘body positivity movement’ there is still a long way to go.

He said: “The LGBT+ [community] does have a way to go in terms of representing different body types.

“We’re going through a body positivity movement at the moment, but it’s about the ‘right kind’ of fat.

“It’s about still being in the right shape and proportions. Body positivity is only ever used to sell something.

“What this show says is that we haven’t found euphoria and self-enlightenment, but we don’t completely hate ourselves. We’re in the middle and we’re allowed to be in the middle.”