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Exclusive: Channel 4 to air documentary about gay saunas

By Josh Haggis

Channel 4 are gearing up to air a documentary about gay saunas.

The Gay Sauna, a revealing insight into a hidden world and a surprising, sideways look at modern gay relationships, will air later this month (May).

The Gay Sauna

The documentary will take an in-depth look at CS2 in Nottingham – which features an array of dark rooms, sex rooms and glory holes – as well as some of the patrons that regularly visit the sauna

Couple John and Joe, who have been together for well over 30 years and intend to marry in the near future, regularly attend the sauna and say they’re happy living in an open relationship.

The Gay Sauna

Another of those featured in the documentary is Robin, a recently married Tory Councillor. He says that attitudes have changed in recent years to the point where he’s able to use the sauna’s facilities without fear of intimidation.

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