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Eastenders’ Harry Reid wants Ben to “turn” Dean Wicks

By Will Stroude

His character might be currently engaged in a secret romance with dishy Albert Square newcomer Paul Coker (Jonny Labey), but Eastenders star Harry Reid has admitted that he wants Ben to set his sights even higher: on villainous straight boy Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo).

The 23-year-old to the Daily Star that it would be an “amazing” storyline – and frankly we couldn’t agree more.


“Do you know what I love to see? I’d love it if Ben went after an older straight guy and tried to turn him,” he said.

“Someone like Dean would be a good one to target. It would be an amazing storyline.”

Reid – whose recent funeral parlour-set sex scenes with Labey were cleared by Ofcom yesterday after receiving 76 complaints – went on to say it was “sad” that actors who are gay refuse to come out in Hollywood for fear that they won’t get leading roles.

“I’ve had some great feedback from the gay community about how I play Ben,” he said.

“I’m a straight guy playing a gay role. There is no reason why it can’t work the other way around. It’s all down to acting.”

He added: “It’s rubbish if people in Hollywood won’t give openly gay actors a chance.”


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