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Eastenders actor hits out at homophobes after gay kiss complaints

By Will Stroude


actor Harry Reid has hit out at homophobes who complained about his onscreen gay kiss earlier this week (June 1).

Viewers saw his character Ben Mitchell lock lips with new Walford resident Paul Croker (Jonny Labey) in Monday night’s episode of the BBC One soap, but some unpleasant peeps were quick to voice their disgust at the scene.


The 22-year-old actor took to Instagram to voice his upset at the comments, before asking if they’d say the same to notorious east-end gangland criminal Ronnie Kray, who was bisexual.

He added: “I’m not biting. It just needed pointing out.”


Ian Beale himself was quick to offer Harry some words of advice, with actor Adam Woodyatt telling his onscreen half-brother to ignore the trolls, adding “they’re not worth it”.

With all that nonsense sorted out, can we get back to ogling Ben’s new love interest? Excellent.

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