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EastEnders actor Harry Reid hints gay character Ben Mitchell may return to the square


By Fabio Crispim

EastEnders actor Harry Reid has hinted that he may return to Walford. 

Reid, who played Ben Mitchell in the soap, left the show earlier this month after his character ran off with stolen money from a New Years heist he was involved in with his father, Phil Mitchell.

Ben attempted to run away with the stolen money only to be double crossed at the last minute. While the actor departed the show, several characters have been left to deal with the aftermath of his actions. 

New scenes show Phil Mitchell teaming up with Mel Owen in order to protect his son from Aidan Maguire, the man determined to uncover what happened to the missing money. 

And in a new interview with the Daily Star, Harry Reid hinted that Ben’s relationship with his father may be a reason for his potential return. 

He said: “Ben loves his dad and will always speak to him if he beckons, and he had beckoned, so I imagine they will speak.” 

“I think ultimately they’ll sort it out between them and will hopefully have a very nice Christmas 2018. If I do pop up in an episode, I’m speaking to my agent to sort out the money.”

He then joked: “I think I have given away too much.” 

Is Reid hinting that he may return to the show for a Christmas special this year? We certainly hope so. 

Eastenders continues weekdays on BBC One.