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EA includes same-sex relationships in Mass Effect: Andromeda – but gamers want more

By Samuel McManus

The new Mass Effect game boasts the inclusion of same-sex relationships.

While film and television has caught up with the times in recent years, gaming has tended to lag behind in terms of representing the LGBT+ community.

However, games company EA are hoping to change that once and for all.

Mass Effect: Andromeda, which was released this week in the US, includes the possibility for players of the game to have gay romances with a number of characters during the main story mode.

Despite this step forward, some gamers have complained that it simply doesn’t go far enough.

“Cora and Ryder get one of the most sexually explicit scenes in a BioWare game to date, and we don’t even get one gratuitous ass shot of Gil,” wrote YouTuber KendylTV in comments under a video that features some of the romantic scenes.

“It further lets us know that, for the time being, gay sex is still too taboo for developers to seriously consider incorporating in a mainstream video game.”

Attitude has reached out to EA for comment.