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Drag Race star becomes first actor to be considered in two different gender Oscar categories

By Josh Lee

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They may have fallen at the first hurdle on season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but actor Kelly Mantle hasn’t let that stop them – and has just made Oscar Awards history.

After appearing in Confessions of a Womanizer, the gender-fluid star is being considered for nominations in both Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor categories. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences told EW that the performer is the first ever to have been considered for a nomination for both categories.

Each eligible film can submit up to 10 actors and actresses for consideration in the gendered acting fields, with Mantle being put forth for both for their role as transgender sex-worker Ginger. If nominated, they can only be up for one of the awards – but Mantle is the first to be considered for both.

Mantle has spoken out about the consideration in an Instagram post, saying: “So this is happening… honoured and humbled to be considered. #actor #acting #actorslife #oscars”

So this is happening… Honored & humbled to be considered. 🎭 #actor #acting #actorslife 🎬 #oscars

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The director of the film has also commented on the consideration saying: “Of course – I hope we get Kelly nominated. Regardless, we are bringing spotlight to our androgynous and transgendered [sic] community. I’m grateful for the path that has already been carved by transgender/androgynous-empowering Oscar-contending films like Tangerine and others.

“I firmly believe that our androgynous/transgendered acting community is the most untapped resource in Hollywood. We need to bring them more attention, and by doing so, we will create more empathy for our androgynous/transgendered brothers and sisters.”