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Dolly Parton gives an update on that ‘gay dance album’

The Queen of Country has been keeping us on tenterhooks.

By Will Stroude

For years, Dolly Parton has been promising to give the gays everything they want in the form of a banger-filled dance anthem – but alas, the process has been dragging out longer than Brexit.

A breakthrough could soon be on the horizon, however, with the legendary country queen teasing that it “may be time” to focus on a club-ready record following her recent collaboration with Swedish dance duo ‘Galantis’ for new single ‘Faith’.

Discussing the track with NewNowNext, Parton, 73, said: “I’ve been wanting to do more uplifting music.

“It just came to me with this Galantis song, and it’s really uplifting but it’s a solid dance beat so I loved the idea that people would be out there dancing and praising God.” 

In news that could have gay men staging an Ocean’s 8-style heist of the Dolly Records achives, Parton revealed she has at least two more dance tracks knocking about.

“I have a song called ‘Dance With Me Darling,’ and so I may at some point put that out,” she said.

“I had a song I’d written years ago called ‘Just A Wee Bit Gay’, that’s a dance song and it’s very uplifting and fun.”

Could this finally signal the start of a brand new era?

“[W]ho knows?” Dolly teased. “This may be the time I might think about doing a whole dance record.”