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DC Comics court gay readers with duo’s ‘steam bath’ pairing

By Nick Bond

DC Comics are having some fun with fans today, teasing rather a steamy image from one of their comics online.

“Fans have been clamoring for a Dick Grayson/Midnighter reunion and it’s finally here,” write the comic book experts over at HitFix in announcing the new image.

And what a reunion – in this teaser from the new comic Midnighter #4, the two comic book heroes are shown stripped to the waist and looking very buff indeed.

“Grayson and Midnighter walk into a steam bath and, presumably, launch a thousand Tumblr posts,” say DC Comics – showing that they know EXACTLY what they’re doing in stirring up some homoerotic fan speculation.

Amid some angry fan reactions under the Instagram post from some readers wondering why two pre-existing characters are ‘suddenly gay’ (‘Are they gonna shoot rainbows outta their asses?!’ was a particular favourite of ours), came this voice of reason from Insta-user MaxPower044: “They’re not making Grayson gay! They do a bunch of out of context gay jokes in Grayson all the time just to get a rise outta the lame fan fic and tumblr crowds.”

Well, we can dream. After all, DC Comics has recent form in this area – earlier this year we brought you the news that they were introducing a new Grindr-using gay superhero into the fold.

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