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Dan Reynolds received death threats over LGBTQ allyship and ‘got the FBI involved’

Exclusive: "I'm not a martyr but that is a reality," says Imagine Dragons star and founder of LOVELOUD, an organisation supporting LGBTQ youth.

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Provided

Imagine Dragons star Dan Reynolds has revealed he was forced to “get the FBI involved” after receiving death threats over his outspoken LGBTQ allyship.

The ‘Thunder’ singer, who is a straight man, is a founder of LOVELOUD, a foundation and festival that supports LGBTQ youth.

In an interview with Attitude to be published in full tomorrow, Dan said: “I’ve had weird things happen, I’ve had weird death threats. I’ve gotten the FBI involved. People who are not happy [about me] being an ally.

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“That being said, I have a powerful team, and they’ve taken care of it.”

Dan – who, along with wife Aja Volkman, is a parent to four kids under nine – added: “I’m not a martyr, but that is a reality, and the only reason I bring that up is so people do understand, this is a real problem still. And if you don’t think it is, get involved and you’ll see. There are a lot of people who are very angry… and in the wrong!”

“My kids can do pronouns”

Asked for his advice to aspiring LGBTQ allies, the star said: “What I have found is the LGBTQ community are looking for allies and support. Especially our youth, some of whom are transitioning or have not come out to their families yet. They are looking for us to step up. A lot of straight people I meet are like ‘but the pronouns are hard for me…’ It’s not at all, first of all. Second, the amount of patience from the queer community of… just try! Do the research, make a little effort. My kids can do pronouns!”

In our interview, Dan also discusses his collaboration with LGBTQ-owned bakery Wunderkeks ($1 per dozen cookies sold during the Pride month of June goes to LOVELOUD).

Explaining how the collab came to be, the 33-year-old said: “I’ve started a new journey into sobriety, and decided to get some cookies for NYE. That’s where I’m at! I looked online and Wunderkeks came up, which is owned by a queer couple, and thought, these look incredible.

“I ordered some and had my assistant reach out to check [when they would be delivered], and at the bottom of her email it happens to say her name and ‘assistant to Dan Reynolds’. They had just watched [LOVELOUD documentary] Believer, which had a big impact on them.

“They said ‘pass on the message to Dan that we’d love to do a collaboration!’ So, it came together in an organic way. It made sense: why not sell cookies and raise money for LGBTQ youth?”

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