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Corrie’s Daniel Brocklebank opens up about receiving death threats after Billy and Todd’s make out scenes

By Josh Lee

Coronation Street actor Daniel Brocklebank has revealed the extent of the abuse he faced after scenes aired in September showing his character Billy and Todd (Bruno Langly) kissing on a bed, Digital Spy reports.

The star was speaking at a panel discussion hosted by Stonewall when he opened up about the harassment he received following the scenes: “I was horrified by some of the death threats. I had people calling me a child abuser because their children had been in the room watching two men kissing,” he said.

“I had messages from people saying their 5 and 6-year-olds were totally disturbed by what they had seen. Why their 6-year-olds were up at 8.45pm at night I don’t know. I think they should have been in bed long before that.”

Discussing his upbringing, Daniel revealed that he came out aged 15 “in a very rural area,” where being gay was “relatively unheard of.” But even when he became an actor he faced pressure to remain in the closet.

“I experienced homophobia on quite a large level throughout my career,” he explained. I’ve been advised on many occasions by my management, people who I was working with, to remain in your closet for the sake of my career, which for me is unacceptable.”