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Conchita Wurst: ‘People need to stop talking about sexual orientation’

By Josh Haggis

Conchtita Wurst has argued that it’s time people stop talking about sexual orientation.

The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest winner, who Terry Wogan once labelled a “freak show,” explained in a recent interview that society will have achieved a major goal when we reach the point where people don’t care about sexual orientation.

Conchita Wurst will speak about life after winning Eurovision.

“The most important thing will be when we actually stop talking about sexual orientation,” she told Newsbeat.  “The moment we reach that point when that is not important anymore, we’ve reached a big goal which is a long way in front of us.”

“You have to be respectful. Don’t ask for respect if you are not respectful. It’s not depending on your sexuality, your gender or the colour of your skin. It should be in the focus to live a respectful life,” the star added.

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