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Chris Pine goes full-frontal in new movie ‘The Outlaw King’

The actor was flattered people focused on his nude scene after first screenings at Toronto International Film Festival

By Steve Brown

Chris Pine has a full-frontal scene in his new movie The Outlaw King and loves the reaction from first previews.

The actor is not shy to show a little skin – everyone remember the bath scene from Wonder Woman? – and in his latest role in the new Netflix movie, he drops everything… and we mean everything.

After the film was previewed at the Toronto International Film Festival, the actor was flattered that everyone is focusing on his decision to drop his clothes.

He told Entertainment Tonight Canada: “[It’s] pretty cool. I’ll take it.”

If that’s not a reason to want to watch the film, the film follows Robert the Bruce (Pine) and tells his untold story.

In order to get into the role, Pine admitted he had to do a lot of research on the real life king but he said he struggled due to the lack of information.

He said: “I just researched the guy. There’s unfortunately, because it’s the 13th and 14th century, there’s not really that much expanded information about what the man thought, what his motivations were, what he did.

“We can kind of make some assumptions about what maybe he was thinking, but I like the fact that he was a very mysterious smokey character in history that I could figure out in my own and kind of explore without feeling.

“Like, I had to create someone knew really really well.”

Well, it’s safe to say we cannot wait to watch the film now, which is set to start streaming on November 9.

Watch the trailer below: