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Cher just threw some flawless Thanksgiving shade at Donald Trump

By Will Stroude

Proving that not even the prospect of a Thanksgiving dinner will prise her fingers from the emoji keyboard, Cher has used the holiday season to throw even more impeccable shade at Donald Trump.

The US Republican presidential candidate’s already having a fairly bad day of it after being publicly slammed for his “outrageous” impersonation of a disable reporter on stage this week, and it’s only set to get worse after Cher took to Twitter to for the latest installment in her favourite hobby: Trump-bashing.


Of course the musical icon has delivered several knock-out blows this year already, dismissing Trump as a “loudmouth asshole, who’s scared of windy days” and questioning how someone who “can’t come up with a hairstyle that looks human” could possibly tackle the threat of ISIS.

Asked by a fan today (November 26), what she’d stuff the billionaire businessman with if he was a Thanksgiving turkey however, the 69-year-old musical icon wasted no time electronically scalping him once again.

“I’d stuff him with his own words!” she replied, before thinking better of it.

“No… Wait… Every1 at the table would die!

“Donald Trump’s words are poison.”

Happy holidays Don.


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