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Celebrate the release of ‘The Pass’ with a brand new clip from the film: WATCH

By Josh Lee

The Pass

 is finally out, and if the glowing reviews, important social message, and promise that Russell Tovey’s bulge is all natural in the gay-themed football flick haven’t been enough to convince you to go watch it, perhaps this newly-released scene from the film will tempt you down to the cinema today.

The film follows Jason [Russell Tovey] and Ade [Arinzé Kene] as they negotiate their professional footballing careers, their sexuality, and the crushing pressure to keep the two worlds separate. In the scene below, we see the pair early on in the film. While they haven’t yet admitted to each other, or themselves, that there is something deeper than friendship between them, the chemistry in the room is undeniable. But you’ll have to watch the whole film to see whether the spark they share flourishes or not.

Check out the scene below:

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