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CBB’s Andrew Brady calls Ann Widdecombe ‘evil’ for opposing gay marriage

The former Apprentice star has had it.

By Fabio Crispim

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Andrew Brady has branded Ann Widdecombe “evil” for not agreeing with gay marriage. 

The former Apprentice hunk, who’s developed a close relationship with drag queen Courtney Act during his time in the house, finally lost his temper with the Widdecome’s anti-gay views during last night’s episode (January 25). 

It all started after Widdecombe nominated Andrew and Courtney for eviction, and insinuating that Andrew’s mother and grandmother would disapprove of the pair playfighting in the bedroom the previous night.

Andrew later visited the Diary Room where he slammed the former Conservative politician for her attitude towards the pair’s relationship.

“I understand her reasons were that Shane and I were performing what she described as a lewd sex act,” he said.

“She mentioned that my mum and grandma were watching, insinuating that I should be ashamed. I think she needs to eat her own words. Once again Ann has shown her true colours, and them colours are not nice colours.”

The 26-year-old continued: “Too long have I treated Ann as if she’s righteous, treated Ann as if she’s got these amazing morals. She hasn’t. Ann is a woman who, if we agreed with her beliefs, we would be going backwards in time. 

“She doesn’t agree with gay marriage. She doesn’t agree with a woman’s right to choose whether she has an abortion or not. Now when you take that into account you go: she’s an evil person is some ways.”

“My relationship with Ann Widdecombe is over,” he added.

Later on in the episode, Andrew exploded into a furious rant about Widdecombe, which saw him call her a “c*nt.”

Brady’s fellow housemates criticised him for the comments before Jenek took him to the store room to try and calm him down.

Despite her controversial beliefs, Ann Widdecombe is set to make reality TV history after becoming the favourite to win the show, ahead of Courtney. 

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.