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CBB’s Amanda won’t judge Ann Widdecombe’s anti-gay views ‘as long as she doesn’t inflict them on me’

The evicted Celebrity Big Brother star should go into the dictionary under the definition of 'privilege'

By Fabio Crispim

Celebrity Big Brother star Amanda Barrie has claimed Ann Widdecombe’s anti-LGBT views do not bother her. 

The former Coronation Street actress, 82, made an appearance on The Wright Show where she defended Ann Widdecombe.

Barrie, who married novelist Hilly Bonner in 2014, claimed the former conservative politician “has the right” to talk about opposing gay rights. 

She said: “Anybody has the right to say what they like, I think.”

“I’m rather tired – it wasn’t just Ann that I was defending. I defend the right that people should say what they think. I’m so tired of people sticking labels over people’s heads, and they meet the label, not the person. And that’s what bothers me,” she said. 

When asked if she was concerned that she may be judged for defending Ann, Barrie said: “No! I don’t judge Ann on her views, as long as she doesn’t inflict them on me.” 

“That’s the point. If she was inflicting them on me, then I would go ‘eh’,” she added, miming a punch.

Earlier this week, Barrie clashed with fellow housemate Courtney Act over Widdecombe’s homophobic views. During a heated confrontation with Act, real name Shane Jenek, Barrie claimed that she gets on with Ann, who voted against the Civil Partnership Bill in 2004. 

She then claimed that Ann’s homophobia “doesn’t affect” her because she’s married, to a female partner no less. 

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 4 with the final set to air tomorrow (January 3).