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Caitlyn Jenner gets a standing ovation at a Culture Club concert

By Micah Sulit

Caitlyn Jenner received a standing ovation when she made a surprise appearance at the Greek Theatre in LA on Friday night. The I Am Cait star briefly took the stage to introduce Culture Club, then stayed and danced in the audience with Candis Cayne.


Over the crowd’s non-stop cheering, Jenner said, “Caitlyn Jenner in the house for her first Boy George concert! This is going to be a good group. Thank you so much.

“Enough about me. Thank you for being here tonight. This is so much fun for me, and let’s hear it here at the Greek Theatre for Boy George! Let’s get it going!”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Boy George thanked Jenner for the introduction and told the crowd, “I expected a standing ovation for her and I wasn’t disappointed. We need to celebrate the kinds of changes that are happening.”

Boy George later posted a video of Caitlyn’s intro on Instagram, calling it a “super special moment”.

Watch Caitlyn Jenner introduce Culture Club in the video below: