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Boy George throws major shade at Lady Gaga

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By Joshua Haigh

Boy George has thrown some serious shade at Lady Gaga.

The Culture Club singer, who previously angered fans when he said “I don’t know her” in reference to the star, has been up to his antics on social media again.

The British pop star had some choice words to say about the ‘Million Reasons’ singer when he retweeted a Tampa Bay Times article that claimed the Applause singer is “more than a provocateur” and is the “best liver performer in pop”.

When quote tweeting the article, George wrote:  “Fake news! Lol!” Wow, don’t mince your words babes.

The comment proved too much for Lady Gaga fans as they launched an attack on the singer, who added: “I hate hyperbole. There’s far too much of it!”

One Twitter user landed themselves in an argument with the star after they said: “Boy George getting bitchy by digging at another artist! Don’t be jealous of her talents!”

Boy George replied: “I swore you had a sense of humour. I mean look at what you are wearing?”

The user added: “Such a tool. Throwing shade at another artist is a low blow!” But the Culture Club singer hit back and said: “Better a tool than a fool!”

Other Twitter users hit out at the superstar and said: “Boy George’s highest selling album went Silver in the UK only. Gaga’s worst selling went platinum and sold over ONE MILLION WW.” The former Voice coach replied with: “This kid was only recently hatched! Still learning to walk! #Bless”.

Another fan replied to Boy George and said: “Oh yes the woman who has just had the most successful SB halftime show ever. Two Grammy nominations and is one of the most iconic artists of all time… sure”. Boy George tweeted back: “You do mean Cher”.