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Beyonce ‘adorably tumbles’ while performing at Coachella

The Queen B proves she's a fierce performer

By Steve Brown

We all have clumsy moments and it seems even Beyoncé is human like the rest of us after a fall while performing at Coachella.

The Queen B has wowed the world with her performances at the American music festival but while on stage on her second set with her sister Solange, the two found themselves falling to the ground.

The Crazy in Love hitmaker attempted to pick up her sister but the two tumbled down onto the stage but the siblings didn’t let it ruin their set and waved their legs in the air and laughed it off.

Fans were stunned with the sight and many said it left them emotional and in tears but others saw the funny side and joked Beyoncé doesn’t fall but “adorably tumbles”.

The fall comes after Bey was forced to hold up the top half of her bodysuit to stop herself being exposed while performing with Destiny’s Child.

Then her over-the-knee boots fell down and were left dangling around her calves but she carried on through the set showing she is the Queen B.