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Batman’s penis will be removed from all future printings of ‘Batman: Damned’

DC Comics is reportedly removing the panels because they "don't add to the story".

By Fabio Crispim

DC Comics has announced it’s removing all panels featuring Batman’s penis from the first issue of Batman: Damned.

The new issue is part of the comic company’s new DC Black Label series which is targeted towards mature readers and features adult scenarios while taking place outside of the main DC continuity. 

The issue made headlines earlier this week after fans discovered that the comic, illustrated by Lee Bemejo, features Bruce Wayne undressing with his penis highlighted.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the panels are being removed from future copies of the issue because they “don’t add to the story”.

The art went viral over the internet this week and got even more attention when Late Night host Seth Myers mentioned it on his NBC show on Wednesday (September 19).

Future publications of the comic have already ceased but there are still over 100,000 print copies in circulation. Meanwhile, the full frontal has already been removed from the digital version of the comic, which has been altered so his manhood is obscured by shadow.

If you haven’t seen the images of Batman’s manhood yet, you can catch them here.