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Author fights back at ISIS with gay jihadi erotica

By Fabio Crispim

ISIS is known for their brutal and homophobic killings such as throwing men off buildings and stoning gay men to death.

One author however has decided to fight back by writing his own gay erotica novel featuring ISIS soldiers.

Gay Star News reports that the ‘gay jihaderotica’ novel entitled ISIS: A Love Story is written by Abu Salaam, his pen name, and the story follows the relationship of two young jihadis, Ali and Majnun, during the Syrian Civil War which the author followed closely.

Amazon’s official description of the 120 page novel is as follows: “As bombs boom around them so does their battlefield bromance. When a chance encounter starts to grow into something more the two young radicals struggle to reconcile their identities. Passions and tensions swell, tearing Majnun and Ali between two things they are – battle-hardened Salafi mujahideen and gay lovers.”

“With an unprecedented view, ISIS: A Love Story showcases a time and place, love and war, beauty and barbary, and life and death. It’s like nothing you’ve ever read.”

Salaam was interviewed by Vocativ and said that the novel was supposed to be more evocative than provocative.

“While some might interpret the gay romance as offensive, in the story it’s never portrayed as an object of mockery. This was never meant to be intentionally offensive to gays or moderate Muslims.”

ISIS: A Love Story is available in paperback on Amazon.

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