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Attitude’s Bachelor of the Day: James Williams

By Ross Semple

Attitude’s Bachelors of Year 2017 is brought to you in association with Blued.James WilliamsBachelor of the Year position: #45

As associate editor of one of the most successful magazines in the world, Glamour, James’s life isn’t just showbiz parties and wardrobes groaning with designer threads. There are also the celebrity pals. We’re kidding! Running a magazine is tougher than a McQueen bustier. Trust us, we should know. Apart from turning out a fantastic read every month, James also spends about six months of the year organising the Glamour Women of the Year Awards.

James tells us about putting his fist in his mouth, his weakness for rugby players, and the importance of banter …

How long have you been a bachelor?

Too long! But in all seriousness my last relationship was two and a half years ago. As much as I would like to meet someone I’m also pretty independent and would rather wait for the right one rather than just anyone.

What was your coming out experience like?

I was so unbelievably fortunate because my coming out experience was relatively uneventful and therefore easy compared to most. I remember my mum asking me one day when I was 19 if I was seeing anyone and I just said “yes and HIS names is…” and that was pretty much it. I was helped massively by the fact I have a gay sister and my mum’s only brother is also gay and been with his partner for 30 years. They had already trodden the path before me so made my coming out experience so much easier. I always joke we’re like the Skywalkers of homosexuality – the gay force is strong with us. And at the Christmas dinner table the gays always outnumber the straights!

What are the top three qualities you look for in a man?

As much as we all have a physical type, if there’s no banter, there’s no real potential, is there? A guy has to have confidence, assertiveness and a good sense of humour. I maintain some people I’ve found very attractive, physically on initially meeting them have become less so as I’ve gotten to know them. And on the flip-side, some guys I’ve ended up having an epic crush on are people I didn’t fancy that much at first but who totally won me over with their cheeky banter and fantastic sense of humour. It may sound clichéd by it’s true.

Best date you’ve ever been on? …and the worst?

The best date I ever had was a 12 hour second date. I always say the second date is more crucial than the first as it’s when you tend to truly relax, let your guard down and let each other see the real you. The fact that the second was so fun, effortless and went on for such long time, probably explains why we dated for the next eight months. The worst date I had was with a guy who had nothing to say for himself. And I mean nothing. My special skill in life is filling an awkward silence but on this occasion I truly met my match. The whole thing was painful from start to finish and was done and dusted in 50 minutes and we even squeezed in a two-course meal. It was without doubt the longest 50 minutes of my life.

What’s your favourite part of a man’s body?

Well I’m from Wales originally so I have a genetically, predisposed weakness for a rugby player! Broad shoulders and a muscly thigh do it for me every time.

Biggest deal-breaker?

Someone who is blatantly looking over my shoulder for a better option. I’m a textbook Leo so my ego is very fragile!

Do you have an *ahem* ‘three date rule’?

Whether it’s three dates, three weeks or three months, you ultimately know when the time is right and should go with your gut. There is no golden rule and there’s absolutely no judgement here!

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Daniel Craig are pretty much constants. And I’m obsessed with any member of the Sense 8 cast – they are all so ridiculously hot!

What’s your hidden talent?

Well I speak Welsh, can do the crab and can fit my whole fist in mouth. Sadly not all at the same time.

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