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Asa Butterfield says it’s ‘insane’ that people are still opposing LGBTQ-inclusive lessons in schools

The stars of Netflix's 'Sex Education' discuss LGBTQ lessons in schools

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Asa Butterfield has said it’s ‘insane’ that people are still against LGBTQ-inclusive lessons in schools.

Last year, a number of schools in Birmingham faced ongoing protests from parents who were protesting against the introduction of LGBTQ-inclusive lessons.

Andrew Moffat was the assistant head of Parkfield Community School in Birmginham and created ‘No Outsiders’, a lesson programme designed to teach pupils about acceptance and the characteristics protected under the Equality Act – race, gender, disability and sexuality.

However, parents became unhappy that the simple idea of acknowledging the existence of LGBTQ people in the classroom and began campaigning against ‘No Outsiders’ in a series of increasingly nasty – and increasingly personal – protests.

Following the protests, former Education Secretary Damian Hinds revealed that primary school pupils will be taught about “respectful relationship” but said the school’s will decide when they think it’s age appropriate to teach sex education.

The new curriculum – which will include subjects on relationships education from primary school, relationships and sex education at secondary school and health education for all ages – will be introduced in England from 2020.

And now, the stars of Netflix’s hit show Sex Education have opened up about the LGBTQ-inclusive lessons, with leading man Asa Butterfield saying it’s ‘insane’ that people are still opposing inclusivity in schools.

Speaking to BBC Sounds, Butterfield said: “It seems insane that people, in this day and age, that that’s still even a thing.

“I mean, it is insane with, with what’s going on and with our show, which is trying to, kind of, be a part of that movement towards progression, towards inclusivity.

“It’s wild that people still think that and that they still will want that for their kids.”