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‘Apprentice’ candidate: ‘I received homophobic abuse while on the show’

By Josh Haggis

Sanjay The Apprentice

candidate Sanjay Sood-Smith has revealed that he received homophobic abuse on social media throughout his time on the show.

Sood-Smith, who was fired from the BBC competition this week (December 10), has opened up about the comments he’s received on Facebook and Twitter, arguing that they prove attitudes toward the LGBT community still need to be changed.

“I’m going to do is some work with Stonewall, the gay charity, doing some talks in schools about coming out and being gay in business,” he told Digital Spy. “It’s certainly a lot easier than 10 years ago when I came out, but since The Apprentice came on air, I’ve been getting homophobic tweets and people saying homophobic things about me.”

He continued: “Even in the house on the show, nobody was homophobic, but there were outdated attitudes. When we went around the house, everyone asked, ‘Sanjay, do you have a wife or girlfriend?’

“I was fine with it because I’m comfortable with it, but for someone who isn’t so comfortable, that situation might not be so easy. Just coming straight out with it can be difficult. People’s attitudes need to be challenged and addressed,” added the 27-year-old.

The businessman revealed this week that his was the victim of a violent homophobic attack when he was younger – Find out more here.

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