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I Kissed A Boy: The Reunion – 5 things learned, including which couple is still together

Also, we finally know where Ollie recognised Dan from - and it's not "the door at Fire"!

By Alastair James

Dan and Ollie
Dan and Ollie on I Kissed A Boy (Image: BBC/Twofour)

We are gagged! I Kissed A Boy: The Reunion has aired and it was full of piping hot tea!

If you haven’t seen it yet, turn away now – spoilers ahead!

This is your last warning!

Dannii Minogue and the cast of I Kissed A Boy on I Kissed A Boy: The Reunion
Dannii Minogue and the cast of I Kissed A Boy on I Kissed A Boy: The Reunion (Image: BBC/TwoFour)

Ross and Ceejay

We all remember that dinner party. Ross and Kailum weren’t happy with how Ben was making Vitor feel and they had words to say. Chief among that was that Ben had told Vitor to pull back as he obviously felt uncomfortable.

Naturally, the argument was brought up during the reunion with Ben and Dan, and then Vitor and Ross taking opposing sides.

Ross and Ceejay
Ross and Ceejay on I Kissed A Boy (Image: BBC/TwoFour)

But later in the show, it was revealed that Ross and Ceejay, who left the Masseria hand in hand, had broken up upon returning home.

“Maybe Ceejay was pushing a little bit on to me quite soon as we got out, and I think that ultimately led me to push away,” Ross told host Dannii Minogue. Ceejay understood but clearly wasn’t happy. Ross did apologise however.

Safe to say the revelation garnered more than a few gasps from the studio audience. Attitude was gagged!

Gareth and Subomi didn’t make it… WHAT!?

As the only one of the OG couples on I Kissed A Boy to make it to the end without a single tiff, we were rooting for these two to last in the ‘real world’. Sadly though, it was not to be.

Gareth and Subomi i
Gareth and Subomi in I Kissed A Boy (Image: BBC/TwoFour)

“I have things that I’m working on and still working on that I need to work on for myself before I’m in a relationship,” Gareth explained. Subomi also explained that he understood completely and that there were “no bad feelings from that on my side.”

We can absolutely respect that and Gareth’s decision. Still, we’re hoping to see them together soon!

Wedding bells could be ringing for one couple…

We’re sad to say that only one couple that made it to the end of I Kissed A Boy is still together: Dan and Ollie.

The two moustached men got on like a house on fire in the Masseria (we have yet to get THAT shower scene out of our heads!) and they indicated they’ve lost none of that passion.

Dan and Ollie
Dan and Ollie on I Kissed A Boy (Image: BBC/TwoFour)

In fact, there was more than one reference to wedding bells that Attitude picked up on. The couple also spoke of meeting each other families so things seem pretty serious.

“We are stronger than ever,” Dan affirmed.

Fingers crossed the bells will be chiming! Dannii will have to conduct the ceremony, right?

Where did Ollie recognise Dan from?

Speaking of Ollie and Dan, we finally got an answer!

Ollie recounted stepping onto the plane to come home and the two switching numbers. “Literally, all the chat history come up, the pictures, and I mean, when I say pictures Dannii, I mean ‘the pictures’,” Ollie said.

Safe to say Dan went a little bit red in the face!

Bobski, Mikey, and Josh on I Kissed A Boy: The Reunion
Bobski, Mikey, and Josh on I Kissed A Boy: The Reunion (Image: BBC/TwoFour)


I Kissed A Boy‘s first love triangle – Bobsi, Mikey, and Josh – reunited on the couch during the Reunion. Josh explained that since the show aired he’d had a lot of DMs including a marriage proposal.

He’d also had some nudes sent his way, including, it would seem, by Mikey, who said he and Josh speak “every day.” He added, “It’s very much friends.”

Josh then piped up: “Do you exchange naked photographs with all your friends?” Mikey, a little taken aback, admitted to some “flirty banter.”

“I think that was Mikey asking you out on a date,” Dannii pitched. “Let’s do it then!” replied Mikey

I Kissed A Boy is streaming on BBC iPlayer now.