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10 reasons we love ‘Modern Family’s Cameron and Mitchell

By Ben Kelly

To celebrate the season five finale of Modern Family, and part two of Cameron and Mitchell’s wedding, we take a look at why we love TV’s funniest gay couple…

1. They presented their child to the rest of the family in Lion King fashion.


2. They have had their masculinity questioned, and they have worked through it.

[youtube height=”350″ width=”665″][/youtube]


3. They can understand what the other means purely through a gesture.


4. They keep each other in check.


5. They understand that alcohol is not a solution.

[youtube height=”350″ width=”665″][/youtube]


6. As modern gay men, they know many important truths.


7. They’re fairly good in a crisis.

[youtube height=”350″ width=”665″][/youtube]


8. They understand that sexuality shouldn’t cause divisions.


9. They also use their position for good – like in this video for the Trevor Project.

[youtube height=”350″ width=”665″][/youtube]


10. …and we like to think their big day helped contribute to the American debate on gay marriage.


Congratulations guys!

Meanwhile, Attitude has recently marked Cameron and Mitchell’s wedding with a tribute cover featuring the Modern Family favourites – check it out here.

Modern Family: The Wedding Part 2 airs in the UK on Sky1 HD this Monday (June 23).