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Eurovision 2024: First-look images of ‘unique 360-degree experience’ staging

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Malmö, Sweden in May 2024

By Alastair James

Eurovision 2024 staging
The Eurovision 2024 staging (Image: Provided)

The countdown to Eurovision 2024 is well underway and fans have now got their first look at what the staging for the contest will look like.

After a stellar class event in Liverpool earlier this year, the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will place in Malmö, Sweden. On Tuesday (19 December) organisers offered a first look at what the Malmö Arena staging will look like.

Fresh from the mind of Fredrik Stormby of the Swedish design studio, Green Wall Designs, the 2024 staging will offer “a unique 360-degree experience that surrounds the audience and viewers.”

With the stage being placed in the middle of the audience and shaped like a cross, there will also be movable LED cubes, LED floors, light, video, and stage technology to create wonderous effects and “great variations in the arena.”

The lighting design is done in a way that will embrace those performing and, as per a release on Tuesday, “create many unique looks for the various performances, thus bringing live and TV audiences closer to the action.” The decision to retain the slogan ‘United by Music’ from the 2023 contest has also inspired the lighting and video design for 2024.

Green Wall Designs is aiming to exclusively use LED and laser light sources to reduce power consumption. The lighting design for the 2024 contest includes approximately 2000 light fixtures and 12 follow-spot systems.

Eurovision is well-known for its grand, theatrical staging as well as oftentimes camp productions and staging from the various contestant nations.

“We are excited to deliver a spectacular show in our home country and for audiences across the world”

Stormby will work with Eurovision production designer Florian Wieder to deliver the large-scale spectacular show. Speaking on Tuesday he said: “Green Walls Designs is honoured to be working with SVT as the Lighting and Screen Content Designer for The 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. We are excited to deliver a spectacular show in our home country and for audiences across the world.”

Green Wall Designs is one of the world’s leading creative studios and is known for crafting captivating visual experiences. The company helped create Loreen’s performance in the 2023 contest (which she won if you’d forgotten!) as well as ABBA Voyage and Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour. Those are some big names so we feel safe that we can expect a fabulous show.

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Malmö, Sweden, with the Grand Final of the Contest to be on Saturday 11 May 2024. More information can be found here.