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‘I need a new boyfriend’: Dixon Dallas returns with queer country breakup song ‘Leave This All Behind’

It's a more emotional turn than those who are already familiar with Dallas' work may be used to

By Alastair James

Dixon Dallas
Dixon Dallas (Image: Instagram/@iamdixondallas)

Dixon Dallas is fast becoming an online sensation. With songs like ‘Something to Feel’ and ‘Like Whiskey’ Dallas has begun to carve out a niche for himself as a country singer creating inclusive and certainly LGBTQ-friendly music.

And now he’s back with another song, this time a breakup song – ‘Leave This All Behind’. In the song, released on Monday (5 February), Dallas sings to a lover with whom things have soured.

“And though I don’t want to lose you / I don’t know who turned into / Cause you ain’t who I’m used to loving right now / It’s sad to say that my heart is running away / I think I need a new boyfriend that ain’t like you / One that treats me like a queen / No that ain’t hard to do.”

Over a gentle country-pop beat Dallas reminisces over the good days of the relationship. These have been replaced by tears and heartache. It’s tender, honest, and heartfelt. Ultimately there’s a strength as Dallas resolves to move on.

It’s a more emotional turn than those who are already familiar with Dallas’ work may be used to. As well as in the aforementioned songs and also songs like ‘Good Lookin’ and ‘F150’ Dallas is more sexual and cheeky.

We mean that last one quite literally. In ‘Good Lookin’ Dallas sings: “He’s bouncing off my booty cheeks / I love the way he rides / I can hardly breathe when he’s pumping deep inside.”

Then in ‘Something To Feel,’ released last November, Dallas sings: “I need a man to lay me down and give me something to feel / Come pull me closer bend me over / I’m just here for the thrill / No strings attached I’ll arch my back and let you do what you want / Yeah, you can use me as you please / I’m on my knees.”

It’s out-there and unapologetic lyrics like these discussing queer sex, desire, and relationships that have won Dallas a queer fanbase, some finding a home for the first time in country music, a genre not known for being overtly queer or queer-friendly.

Who is Dixon Dallas?

Dallas is the alter-ego of the singer and rapper Jake Hill from Alabama. As Hill, he’s tried his hand at a few musical genres where he’s also explored queer themes. Some of these have been more explicit than others. One example would be the song ‘Keep Riding Me’.

Speaking to ET Canada last year, as per The Advocate, about his music, including songs like ‘Good Lookin’ Dallas said: “I just wanted to kind of shake things up a bit.”

He also told Pride that he’s had positive and negative responses to his music adding, “I don’t mind that.” Dallas also shared that he’s had people speculate about his sexuality with some accusing him of ‘queerbaiting’. The term refers to someone who uses queer aesthetics as well as culture without actually identifying as LGBTQ+.

“Of course, you’ll have people saying I’m gaybaiting and queerbaiting,” Dallas told Pride last year. “Growing up in the South, you’re taught how to think a certain way. I reached a point where I started thinking for myself.

“My music is a big f*** you to my past. No, I haven’t disclosed my sexuality. I could be gay, I could be straight, I could be bi. At the end of the day, I feel like it doesn’t matter. There’s no law that says I can’t write a song about getting my booty cheeks bounced off of.”

He also said that for as much negativity as he’s received for his music, he’s heard from queer people telling him he makes them feel seen. “Those messages are what makes me want to keep doing this,” Dallas then continued. “If somebody wants to cancel me, I don’t care. I don’t give a s*** about any type of negativity.”

Echoing this sentiment he told ET Canada: “I’m going to keep doing this for the people that have sent me messages saying that my music means something to them.”

Check out more from Dixon Dallas/Jake Hill on his YouTube page