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Discover Shakespeare’s hidden queer history on the Globe Theatre’s Pride Guided Tour

In partnership with Shakespeare’s Globe

By Dale Fox

People performing onstage at the Globe Theatre
(Image: David Jenson)

Looking for something different to mark Pride season? Then make haste and book your spot on a Pride Guided Tour at Shakespeare’s Globe, as you head back in time to the fascinating world of LGBTQ+ history during the Bard’s era.

As you step inside this open-air theatre, you’ll be greeted by a guide who’ll play the part of your time-travelling companion. You will them embark on a journey through the queer stories and characters that shaped Shakespeare’s life and plays, proving that “love is love” has always been true.

From rebellious queer icons to the intimate letters between King James I and his “favourite,” the Duke of Buckingham, you’ll discover that the Shakespearean era was far queerer than you’d think.

You’ll see how the Bard used his mighty quill to challenge societal norms

The Pride Guided Tour explores the queer relationships between characters in some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. From the forest antics of fairy kings and queens in A Midsummer Night’s Dream to the gender-bending hijinks in Twelfth Night, you’ll see how the Bard used his mighty quill to challenge societal norms.

Was William Shakespeare Gay? Head of Research, Dr Will Tosh, uncovers the truth behind Shakespeare’s sexuality in this exclusive video from the Globe Theatre.

During the one-hour tour, your knowledgeable guide will shine a light on the diverse sexualities and gender identities in the writing of the time, including Shakespeare’s own Sonnets, which are filled with references to same-sex love.

See the heart of London on the city’s Southbank

The iconic landmark on London’s Bankside is hosting its guided tours throughout summer, promising fasnicating stories and vivid records of queer life during Shakespeare’s time.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Globe Theatre (Image: David Jenson)

With its thatched roof, open-air stage, and wooden seating, the Globe Theatre offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the Bard’s works in a setting that closely resembles the atmosphere of the 16th century.

The area is also known for its endless pubs, cafes, and restaurants, making it the perfect spot to grab a bite and drink with views of The Thames and St Pauls while you ponder your Shakespearean findings.

Globe Theatre Pride Guided Tour tickets

Tickets the tour are available now by clicking here. Book now and get ready to shake(speare) up your Pride celebrations.