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Dead Hot: Prime Video’s comedy-thriller gets first trailer full of ‘deranged’ madness

It certainly looks like it'll be an action-packed series

By Alastair James

Vivian Oparah and Bilal Hasna as their characters Jess and Elliot in Dead Hot
Vivian Oparah and Bilal Hasna as their characters Jess and Elliot in Dead Hot (Image: Prime Video)

Prime Video has released the first trailer for its upcoming LGBTQ series Dead Hot. We’ve also been given a release date and there’s not long to go!

Bilal Hasna and the BAFTA-nominated Vivian Oparah star in this comedy-thriller written by Charlotte Coben.

All six episodes of the series will debut on Prime Video in the UK and Ireland on 1 March.

The trailer sees Elliot (Hasna) mourn the loss of his boyfriend Peter. At the same time, Peter’s sister, Jess (Oparah) questions: “How can we know for sure?” Elliot replies: “Because of the finger” as we see him with the bloody finger in question.

As Elliot and Jess party to put their grief behind them, we encounter Francine (Penelope Wilton), Elliot’s “bigot” and wealthy grandmother who applies pressure on Elliot about his sexuality. Clearly not out (“Being straight’s super awesome,” he says unconvincingly) things are further complicated when Jess is contacted by someone claiming to be her brother…

From there, things get more bizarre. Investigations are underway, alibis are doubted, and we hear that “the full story would wound you.” What that means, we don’t quite know! With plenty of “deranged” madness unfolding it certainly looks like it’ll be an action-packed series.

A synopsis adds: “When Elliot meets Will, he starts to think he can put the past behind him. But when Elliot learns Will has his own dark secrets, just as Jess is contacted by somebody claiming to be her brother, it sets into motion a determination for the pair to find out if Elliot’s romantically cursed—or being targeted.”

Also starring in the series are Rosie Cavaliero, Rebekah Murrell, Alan Turkington, Brandon Fellows, and Marcus Hodson.

Dead Hot will premiere on Prime Video on 1 March.