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Dan Levy’s Good Grief gets first emotional trailer

"This is us loving"

By Alastair James

Dan Levy and Luke Evans in Good Grief
Dan Levy and Luke Evans in Good Grief (Image: Netflix)

The first trailer for Dan Levy’s first feature film, Good Grief, has dropped and it looks like the tears will be flowing.

A synopsis for the film reads: “Marc (Dan Levy) was content living in the shadow of his larger-than-life husband, Oliver (Luke Evans).

“But when Oliver unexpectedly dies, Marc’s world shatters, sending him and his two best friends, Sophie (Ruth Negga) and Thomas (Himesh Patel), on a soul-searching trip to Paris that reveals some hard truths they each needed to face.”

The trailer for Good Grief sees Marc try to move on but struggle because “your brain has been trained to feel things for a person. When they go away your head is still operating under the impression that it should feel those things for that person. Like muscle memory.”

Spoken over images of Marc looking at pictures of Oliver and waking up in bed alone, it’s enough to set anyone off. However, the camera cuts to British actor Celia Imrie, with whom Levy is speaking. “I think we’ll hold off on the will for today,” she says indicating that even though Good Grief is about loss, we’ll still be getting Levy’s characteristic humour too.

Elsewhere we see Marc, Sophie, and Thomas go on a trip to Paris to mark a year since Oliver passed. Along the way, there appear to be deep emotional talks, revelations as well as the possibility of new love.

The trailer very clearly puts the focus on the three friends and the value of those connections. “This is us loving,” Ruth’s character Sophie explains.

Good Grief will be available on Netflix on 5 January.