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Big Brother’s Matty on ‘complex’ Jordan and Henry love triangle: ‘It was more of a straight line’

Exclusive: “Henry likes Jordan. Jordan likes me, and it stops there"

By Charlotte Manning

Matty Big Brother being evicted
Matty was evicted in a very savage moment on Thursday night (Image: ITV)

Big Brother’s Matty has opened up on the apparent “love triangle” which formed between himself, Henry and Jordan on the show. 

The contestant had a pretty emotional rollercoaster throughout the show, culminating in being sent home in a particularly savage eviction on Thursday night (16 November). 

ITV2 viewers saw Yinrun read Matty a letter which was supposedly sent from home, before dropping the bombshell at the end he was being evicted, and the letter was actually written by Big Brother.

Luckily Matty is now enjoying being back on the outside, after being “relieved” to exit the process. 

“It was a very complex situation. It wasn’t really triangular shape, I would say, more of a line?” – Big Brother’s Matty

During a catch-up with Attitude Magazine, he spoke on his time in the house, and delved into his relationship with fellow housemates Jordan and Henry

Matty is very much backing “amazing” Yinrun to win during tonight’s final, and said: “She’s so pure and hilarious, and she sees the world through this child lens of like curiosity and optimism. 

“That’s why we got on so well, because I’m just stupid and silly as well!”

Elsewhere, when asked to divulge his thoughts on the so-called “love triangle” which viewers witnessed, he joked: “How long have you got?!”

Matty with Jordan on Big Brother (Image; ITV)

He explained: “It was a very complex situation. It wasn’t really triangular shape, I would say, more of a straight line? That’s how people have described it. 

“Henry likes Jordan. Jordan likes me, and it stops there.”

Outside the house, Matty noted, a situation such as this “could be navigated quite easily”, but of course, this is the Big Brother house. 

The evicted housemate continued: “We were in the same friend group and spending all day together, things really easily come to a head. 

“I found it difficult because I was trying so hard to not let anyone’s feelings be hurt. I’ve had experiences in the past where I’ve liked people that haven’t liked me back. I know how small that can make me feel.”

Matty admitted finding it a challenge to, this time, be on the other side of that with Jordan. 

“I knew it could potentially be broadcast to the nation… feelings that were unreciprocated. I wanted to be as like tactile and nice as possible.

“That led into a very boring cycle of becoming friends [with Jordan], being fun and having silly jokes, and then Jordan using unhealthy coping mechanisms to protect his romantic feelings. 

“I actually found his friendship very funny, he’s very dry and very cynical”

“That would come in the form of being like spiky or mean to me. I just thought, ‘if you are really friends with someone, you don’t make them feel like you don’t mean anything to them, or you’re being spiky with them. 

The doctor decided to put his feelings first, as he felt they were “constantly going up and down” amid tensions with Jordan. 

“I knew we just needed to put a stop to it continuing more, and I actually found his friendship very funny, he’s very dry and very cynical.

“I wouldn’t be attracted to that in the outside world at all, so it was like just something completely new for me… to have a friend who was like that.”

Luckily, the pair managed to smooth things over, and have a “really nice time” in the house as friends. 

Matty insisted Jordan’s bond with Henry, which has led to quite a few kisses in the house, is “purely platonic”, despite the latter having “romantic feelings”. 

“Maybe in some sense, knowing that Henry feels that way, it feels that could be construed, but also, Jordan has been very clear from the outset, he just likes kissing him and is friends with him. 

“Lots of people in today’s society don’t really understand that there are different ways we can have relationship that are not monogamous,” he shared. 

Big Brother concludes tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX