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Barbie’s Scott Evans says he and his Captain America brother Chris Evans have a ‘unique bond’

"It feels like a best friend as opposed to feeling that you have to love someone because they’re family."

By Alastair James

Scott Evans and Chris Evans
Scott Evans for Attitude and Chris Evans in Ghosted (Image: Dennis Leupold and Apple TV+)

Not many people can say they have a sibling who plays a superhero like Captain America. Scott Evans is one of those who can.

The actor, known for his roles in Grace & Frankie and now Barbie, has opened up about his relationship with his brother, Chris Evans, describing it as “unique.”

Speaking to RuPaul’s Drag Race legend Jujubee as he appeared on the cover of Attitude’s latest issue – out now – Scott discussed the support he’s had as a gay man from his brother, who is straight.

Scott sat on the floor against an oversized tedybair. The run and cabinets are light pink and there's a rocking horse by his side.
Scott Evans wears a shirt, shorts, and necklace by Versace, a t-shirt by Calvin Klein, and shoes by Ron Dorff. (Image: Photography: Dennis Leupold; Fashion direction: Joseph Kocharian)

“It’s crazy. It’s such a unique relationship,” Scott shared. “We were each other’s first friends when we were kids. Up until we were older, too. There was never a time where it didn’t feel like he wasn’t my best friend. And he still is.”

If you follow either Evans brother on social media you will see for yourself that they are indeed extremely close, often appearing in each other’s posts. They have also appeared on talk shows together, playing games with the likes of Jimmy Fallon about how well they know each other.

“We have a really, really, incredibly unique bond that I love,” Scott then continued. “I think the relationship between brothers can be very unique. It feels like a best friend as opposed to feeling that you have to love someone because they’re family.

Scott also revealed that he used to go to Chris, the older of the two, with all of his problems. However, he said the table’s had turned as they have grown up.

“I get calls now from him with his problems. And I love it. I’m like, ‘I’ll give you advice? You’re Captain America!'”

Barbie is in UK cinemas on Friday 21 July.