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‘We didn’t get to participate’: And Just Like That costume designers on styling every LGBTQ character – except trysexual Samantha

Exclusive: Style gurus Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago on Miranda and Che's looks and why the art dept "ran screaming" when they used Tom of Finland as a Hot Fellas reference!

By Jamie Tabberer

The LGBTQ characters of And Just Like That season two (Images: HBO)
The LGBTQ characters of And Just Like That season two (Images: HBO)

We couldn’t help but wonder… why does Sarah Jessica-Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw get all the attention when it comes to the fashion on Sex and the City and its spin-off, And Just Like That

This week, to mark the release AJLT season two, Attitude caught up with costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago to discuss the show’s many LGBTQ characters and their ensembles.

(And yes, we’re including “trysexual” Samantha Jones in that, given Kim Cattrall’s returning for a hotly anticipated cameo late in the season.)

Here Molly and Danny reflect on Miranda‘s looser tailoring, the contrast between Stanford and Anthony’s style, and Samantha’s next look. (Side note: Kim was dressed by Patricia Field for her scene. But Danny’s at least seen the outfit…) 

Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes (Image: HBO)

Miranda Hobbes

Danny: “She’s on a search with her style. She’s going through change and transition, especially from her style – you originally see her as a lawyer, then she’s going to school; from this tailored look to a softer look. Still a bit of tailoring, but relaxed. Now we see her going to California, and that vibe.”

Molly: “I was confused about what was happening with her. I kept asking Michael Patrick King: ‘Is Miranda having a mid-life crisis? What’s she going through?’ Miranda’s smart. She was always cynical as hell. And she really is on an exploration to find her true self. I think, personally, it’s a fascinating story. I find people, at a certain age, wake up and go: ‘I’m not living the life I feel [I should be]’ – I’m curious to see what happens.”

Mario Cantone as Anthony Marentino (Image: HBO)

Anthony Marentino

Molly: “What a laugh riot. He always gets the best jokes! MPK always wants him in black Versace and Dolce. He just loves it.”  

Danny: “Black, black, black, and sexy and fitted. He and Stanford [Blatch, played by the late Willie Garson] were total opposites with their style and their looks. It was great to have the counter of each.”

Sara Ramirez as Che Diaz (Image: HBO)

Che Diaz

Danny: “We see it very much as a uniform for Che and their style. They actually wear a lot of big brands. Prada, Gucci, Dior. But they’re not a walking fashion plate. But they do like luxury; expensive pieces.”

Molly: “Danny and I both talked to MPK at the beginning of season one because I didn’t want to misrepresent anyone. There was a pressure I felt like no other because we wanted to get it right. We know so many diverse people. We’re from the club scene in the 80s. We’re friends with trans [people]. Drag queens are some of my best friends! We talked a lot with Sara [Ramirez]. In the end, you don’t want the clothes to overshadow. But Che has such a strong look, and tats. We started talking about a T-shirt and jogger pants. Then, when on stage for comedy, throw a bomber jacket on to heighten the look.”

The Hot Fellas

Danny: “Did we dress the delivery guys? Oh yeah. It’s a stretch denim that they’re wearing. Anthony is finding these guys through the dating apps, so [it’s likely they’re gay.]”

Molly: “We blew the art department’s minds! They came to us with some graphics on whatever uniform they thought we were doing. They’re not from our fashion world.”

Danny: “They’re sort of conservative…”

Molly: “They ran screaming out of the room when we showed them Tom of Finland!”

Danny: “They lost their minds.”

Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City 2 (Image: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Samantha Jones

Molly: “Can I speak to Samantha’s style? That’s a really good question. We didn’t get to participate… So, there were no discussions or anything. There was nothing to talk about: [Kim] wanted to come done. Have I seen what she’s wearing? I have not. He did.”

Danny: “I did?”

Molly: “You saw it in the garment bag.” 

Danny: “Oh yes, gosh, I forgot that!”

Molly: “I think we were all disappointed – everybody – that it wasn’t a secret [that Samantha returns]. How great would it have been if the viewership was watching an episode, and then there she was? That would have been a riot.”

Alexa Swinton as Rock Goldenblatt [left] and Cathy Ang as Lily Goldenblatt (Image: HBO)

Rock Goldenblatt

Danny: “Rock’s a skater in discovery. Trying to feel where they’re at in themselves. We went with this sort of sportswear look with the oversized shirts and bucket hats. We added that simple gold chain.

Molly: “In season one, Rock comes in on a skateboard and Charlotte, the mom, tries to make Rock look like Lily in [a dress]. Those were all good clues to help us.”

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