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Attitude’s Icon Award for Outstanding Achievement, supported by Sky: Andreja Pegić

By Josh Lee

In the past five years Andreja Pegić has fronted an ad campaign for major cosmetic brand Make Up Forever  and appeared in a music video with Tilda Swinton for none other than the late David Bowie. Her rise as a model who could carry-off both men and women’s wear made her an icon of androgyny in the gender-conforming noughties, and she’s has broken even more barriers since her public transition two years ago.

26-year-old Andreja has become an icon to a generation of kids who are questioning their gender and sexuality. She’s one of a number of icons who have helped put trans issues on the map – which is why she’s our recipient of an Attitude Icon Award for Outstanding Achievement, supported by Sky.

Andreja came to Australia as a refugee – an issue she’s keen to speak out on. “It decided where I live, it decided what school I go to, everything,” she says. We’re creating millions and millions of refugees.

“It’s not something that’s declining, it’s increasing — and then all of those human rights treaties that were supposed to protect refugees or asylum seekers are breaking down or are being completely ignored while countries are becoming more nationalist and not letting people in, and it’s horrific.”

A childhood made uncertain by external forces has given her the resolve to live her life exactly the way she chooses. And by doing so, she’s showing countless people, young and old, that the only thing you can do, is you.

“The world is scary for trans people and the rest of the LGBT+ community, it’s scary for other minorities and it’s scary for poor people, too,” she explains. But despite the uneasy times ahead, her message for trans youth is simple: “Go out there and slay”.

Andreja was presented with her award by Katie Piper and Julien Maconald at tonight’s star-studded Attitude Awards ceremony at London’s 8 Northumberland Avenue, hosted by Alan Cumming.


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Words: Paris Lees
Photographs: Damon Baker
Fashion: Joseph Kocharian