Tom Daley shows off new pieces from first knitwear and crochet collection

The Olympic champion and prolific knitter has added new kits to his 1896 range from Made with Love by Tom Daley.


Words: Will Stroude; Images: Made with Love

Tom Daley's has unveiled part two of his first knitwear and crochet collection, 1896 from Made With Love by Tom Daley.

The Olympic diving champion's colourful foray into the world of fashion knitwear continues with the release of 18 stylish new kits that cater for beginners right through to expert needle-workers.

Pet Patch It Up Jumper (Standard/Large £50)

After launching part one last November, Tom, 27, has updated the range with headbands, tea cosies, and matching jumpers for adults, kids and even dogs.

New additions include the Patch it Up jumper - an asymmetrical patchwork top priced at £135-£170 depending on size - and the impeccably-named I Like Big Buttons and I Cannot Lie Cardigan, priced at £155-170.

Crochet It Like You Mean It Beanie (£50)

For those with less time, Made With Love by Tom Daley now offers beginner pieces such as headbands and tea cosies, priced at £30 and £40 respectively.

And for those who simply aren't ever going to get to grips with knitting, Tom has announced that the collection will be updated on Wednesday 2 March with ready-to-wear pieces including hoodies, sweatshirts, tees in light grey. 

I Like Big Buttons and I Cannot Lie Cardigan (£155-£170)

"When I started knitting and crocheting, it was the form of mindfulness that I needed", says Tom. "It gave me something to do with my hands when competing so I wasn't focusing on the competition in between dives, and something rewarding to do at home during lockdowns to keep my mind occupied.

"It's no surprise that I love fashion so being able to combine that with my love of knitting and crochet is my dream. I want these kits to be for everyone.

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"I want the most experienced crafters to be able to get stuck into a big project, and people who have never picked up a pair of needles to be able to try the hobby that I've loved so much over the past two years."

To mark the launch of 1896 Part II by Made With Love by Tom Daley on Monday (28 February), Daley's husband Dustin Lance Black helped model some of the range in an Instagram live video.

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"They are actually really, really cosy and sweet", enthused Dustin as he and Tom showed off the range.

The couple also used the opportunity to express their solidarity with the people of Ukraine following Russia's invasion last week, and to encourage people to donate to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHRC).

"I'm excited about the new collection but I couldn't talk about that without talking about what's going on in the world," said Tom.

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