Steps' Ian 'H' Watkins introducing Lisa Scott-Lee to LGBTQ slang terms is high camp

LGBTQ Slang is part of the Attitude Pride at Home digital festival taking place online from 9-19 June.


Words: Brian Leonard; Pictures: Olivia Richardson

5, 6, 7, 8! Pop icons Steps are having a go at Attitude's LGBTQ Slang challenge and thankfully there's no... 'Tragedy' here.

LGBTQ Slang is part of Attitude's Pride at Home digital festival, which raises money for Attitude Magazine Foundation to benefit LGBTQ causes. You could say there's a 'Chain Reaction'.

Joining Ian 'H' Watkins is Queen of the Huns, the one and only Lisa Scott-Lee who gives us her best takes on several common LGBTQ words and phrases.

Lisa correctly guesses that a 'Judy' is taken from the legendary actress and friend of the gays, Judy Garland before H says that Lisa is "one of my best Judies".

"You're my rock, you have got my back, and you're my ally," continues H.

H seems somewhat surprised when Lisa thinks she's heard him talking about 'Cottaging' exclaiming, "I don't know why you would have heard me say it!"

We also discover that H has misunderstood 'Kai Kai' thinking "it was a general term" for people hooking up, when it refers to two drag queens hooking up specifically. 

As the challenge comes to an end Lisa tells us, "I was hoping for 'Otter' and 'Bear' because I know what those are." She's a real ally. 

Aside from Steps, those putting themselves in the hot seat are Olympic diver, Tom Daley, Everybody's Talking About Jamie star Max Harwood, comedian Tom Allen, and model, Pablo Hernandez.

LGBTQ Slang is part of Attitude Pride at Home, which runs from 9-19 June at, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@attitudemag).

Attitude Pride at Home is to benefit the Attitude Magazine Foundation for LGBT causes. 

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